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Family Hike: Millard Falls

  • Millard Falls 4041 Chaney Trail Altadena, CA, 91001 United States (map)


About the Hike
Join us for a casual, geology-inspired hike led by geologist, Brian Lee Clements. We will “walk” back in time from 65-million years (Cretaceous) to 1.2 billion years (Proterozoic), along a small, canopy-covered stream. We will learn to read geologic history through the principle of cross-cutting relationships, as we casually examine rocks in the stream and along the canyon walls. Your understanding of time and mountains will forever be changed and intensified. For the little ones, we will use magnets along the way to find magnetic minerals in the stream sands, build a rock collection, and find “real” dinosaur eggs to enhance the magic of observation. All questions are relevant and encouraged. The hike will move at a casual pace, and culminate at a waterfall. Please bring appropriate clothing/gear for the little ones to potentially get wet.

About Brian Lee Clements
Brian Lee Clements is an independent journalist, practicing geologist, and artist. Brian founded the transverse RANGES (tR) project in 2010, which publishes original, long form articles about individual geoscientists. tR explores internal and external influences that shape the individual’s path to geoscience, and in the process, reveals the power and importance of culture and family in shaping who we are—our humanity. Brian is also a practicing geologist with a geotechnical firm in Glendale, CA, and earned a Master of Science degree in geology, and a Bachelor of Science degree in geophysics with honors from California State University, Northridge. As an artist, Brian continues to pursue photography, graphic design, coding, and sound design with respect to storytelling and understanding our world, with historical presence.

About Millard Falls
This short trip to a picturesque waterfall is a beautiful hike at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains that has long been closed due to wildfires. Extend your time in the area at the nearby campsite or with neighboring trails. Read More.

Parking Info
There is parking available at the trailhead and each car must display an Adventure Pass. Adventure Passes are available for purchase for $5 with a variety of local vendors. 

Find a vendor here

If you are unable to purchase an Adventure Pass for any reason please get in touch! We can help. 

About these hikes
These bi-monthly hikes are a time to combine an opportunity for deep engagement with each other while also creating and modeling a meaningful relationship with the lands we live with. Hikes are often supplemented with curriculum or guest teachers that offer varied histories of the spaces we are visiting, surveying geologic, animal, plant life in combination with social and political histories attached to each site. We acknowledge our position as guests on this land and set intention for our presence to be an active part of creating decolonial practices. All forms of family, ages, abilities are welcome. If you anticipate needing any kind of specific support from us please do get in touch ahead of time and we will do our best to makes sure you feel supported in a way that makes sense for you. Please wear comfortable shoes and bring water, hats, sunscreen, lunch, and extra snacks along with you and your folks. Happy trails!

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