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The Sutured Shelter: December Contributor Potluck

  • Valaho Mountain House 7561 Valaho Drive Tujunga, CA 91042 USA (map)

The Sutured Shelter: 
Defiant Connection in Times Defined by Separation

COMING TOGETHER: These monthly contributor gatherings are a way for us to check in with each other regularly, share food, ideas, ask questions and develop our contributions collectively throughout the fall and winter. And we will eat well! Please bring a dish or drink to share if you are able. Kids, partners, kindreds are welcome, always.

We are currently working on our fall and winter programming with a group of artists and culture workers, but would like to extend the invitation to folks who are inspired by the focus and would like to contribute in some capacity. If this resonates, please reach out, the door is open. 

THROUGHOUT THE FALL AND WINTER SEASONS Mountain House is cultivating a series of programs and projects that bring together cultural workers of a variety of disciplines in order to collectively concentrate on the meaning and power of connection. We locate this work within a present both defined by separation and inextricably linked to a history of the use of severed connections as forms of political and cultural violence. We are eager to respond to this moment of acute harm and ongoing cycles of generational trauma to create a body of cultural material and experiences that generates experimental, accessible, and inspired modes of action and reflection. 


Action: How can connection be positioned as a bold form of resistance? What forms and expressions of self-governance must be invented in order to safeguard and repair communities, and dismantle harmful social systems that produce severed social connection? What are the potentials for the relationships and outcomes of cultural work to create critical, responsive community systems? 

Reflection: Likewise, what are the possible limitations of cultural production within radical politics, and how do we connect our labor as cultural producers to other types of workers in order to create a deeper network of support and more rigorous political analysis? How can we reveal the empowered vulnerability that lies in the space of relationship, the tenderness of connection to one another, the very love that may catalyze social transformation?

A HOME-MAKING DISPERSED: The tender impacts of severed connection are often felt most vividly in the home and places that hold our most ubiquitous experiences of relationship. Beginning in September 2018 and extending through March 2019, projects and programs will be held in the homes of contributors as well as public sites that function as home-sites creating an extensive “neighborhood of activity.” Our hope is that by situating cultural work in the these places we will activate typically private, intimate, or ordinary spaces as sites of political transformation, blurring the boundary between public and private space, generating momentum around the idea that these often disparate spaces of are integrated and full of potential.