Land & Place

How do decolonial concepts materialize to become lived practices through an intimate relationship with the land you live on?

Family Hikes

These bi-monthly hikes are a time to combine an opportunity for deep engagement with each other while also creating and modeling a meaningful relationship with the lands we live with. Hikes are often supplemented with curriculum or guest teachers that offer varied histories of the spaces we are visiting, surveying geologic, animal, plant life in combination with social and political histories attached to each site. We acknowledge our position as guests on this land and set intention for our presence to be an active part of creating decolonial practices. All forms of family, ages, abilities are welcome. If you anticipate needing any kind of specific support from us please do get in touch ahead of time and we will do our best to makes sure you feel supported in a way that makes sense for you. Please wear comfortable shoes and bring water, hats, sunscreen, lunch, and extra snacks along with you and your folks. Happy trails!