What pedagogical practices are necessary for the discovery of new knowledges?


To Build a House Workshop Series

A series of discussions and workshops held with select groups of caretakers that break down concepts around "MotherSpace," Neighbor(hood)s, Labor, and etc. Each conceptual workshop group is broken up into 3 parts: Understanding and identifying systems of power; Networks of resistance; and Blueprints for sustained support and path to Utopia.

The findings of this series will be published by Mountain House and will tie together the intersections between each conversational set as it relates to building a “house” as a container for the act of loving and nurturing individuals and communities as radical practice. The text will also include multiple blueprints for building that renegotiate the spaces we inhabit in order to dismantle systems of oppression and provide the nurturing space for solidarity with one another as we envision a better world.

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