Dear friends,

At Mountain House, we build an ongoing reparations fund into all programming and projects. This is not an ask for charitable donations but a prompt for beneficiaries of white supremacist settler colonialism to contribute unconditional material resources toward the unrequitable costs of enslavement, historical and ongoing land theft, institutional racism, family separation, mass incarceration, forced migration - among many other forms of harm.

You can send money through Venmo directly to Mountain-House-LA and we will hand deliver funds to friends and co-conspirators.

Do you have capital and assets to share or land to return? We are happy to put you in touch with people that can make this happen. Just send a note to

And remember you can always return to this page to check on the status of funds, how and when they are collected and delivered. Many thanks for your contributions!

 All our best to you,

The Mountain House Steering Council


Saturday, January 26, 2019: GROUND SERIES presents Our bodies warm in the sun, unsettled

Tongva Territory, San Gabriel Mountains, Monrovia Canyon Park

Funds Raised: $182.00 | Delivered - Individual to remain confidential.