The Sutured Shelter

The Sutured Shelter: Defiant Connection in Times Defined by Separation

Mountain House is cultivating a series of programs and projects that bring together cultural workers of a variety of disciplines in order to collectively concentrate on the meaning and power of connection. We locate this work within a present both defined by separation and inextricably linked to a history of the use of severed connections as forms of political and cultural violence. We are eager to respond to this moment of acute harm and ongoing cycles of generational trauma to create a body of cultural material and experiences that generates experimental, accessible, and inspired modes of action and reflection. Together we endeavor to answer the questions: 

A mountain house foundation, Big Santa Anita Canyon, San Gabriel Mountains, CA

A mountain house foundation, Big Santa Anita Canyon, San Gabriel Mountains, CA

How can social connection be positioned as a form of resistance?

What forms and expressions of self-governance must be invented in order to safeguard and repair communities, and dismantle harmful social systems?

What are the potentials for the relationships and outcomes of cultural work to create critical, responsive community systems?

How can we reveal the vulnerability and power that lies in the space of relationship, (re) define the very love that may catalyze social transformation?

Welcoming contributions by:

Sarah Ashkin &  Paolo Speirn ● Sarah Eggers
Babsi Loisch ● Ethan McGinnes ● Holli Teltoe

Specific program dates and locations authored by contributors to be announced throughout the season.

Culminating Publication and Community Gathering Forthcoming, Spring 2019