What is your vision?

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what is your vision?

A shared exploration of the role of the arts in a white anti-racist practice.; Facilitated by: Kristy & J Lovich, Curriculum Created by: Kristy Lovich

Part of the SURJ (Showing Up For Racial Justice) & Aware-LA (Alliance of White Anti-Racists) West Coast Summit at UCLA in Winter of 2017, this 1.5 hour workshop was geared toward communities of folks that identify as white anti-racist activists, organizers, cultural workers. Through a survey of contemporary art practices that center direct action toward harmful power systems, intentional dialogue, and open studio time; participants explored the following guiding questions with an eye toward cultivating new forms of critical creative work:

  • What role does art and art-making play within social movements?

  • Within movements for racial justice?

  • In terms of creating a white anti-racists identity?

  • Toward the dismantling of white supremacy and the achievement of collective liberation?

  • When it is conceived of and created by white people?

Curriculum-Share: Download 'What is your vision' PDF

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